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About Dead Friends Forever

“A true-crime writer struggles with ghostly possession while investigating the disappearance of her childhood friend, naively believing that there is no fate worse than death.”

Dead Friends Forever is a supernatural thriller with psychological elements that recognizes the barbarity in human nature, and what happens when toxicity in close relationships is left to fester. When a true-crime writer returns to her rural hometown to investigate the decades-old disappearance of her friend, she rouses a vengeful ghost and unearths an even more shocking truth.

The majority female cast will feature up and coming talent, ushering in a new generation of young horror actors. Casting announcements forthcoming.

New: David Brown, executive producer for The Collector 3, has signed on as executive producer for Dead Friends Forever.  We’re very excited!


Keith Danko – Executive Producer, Producer

Anthony Lukas – Executive Producer, Producer

David Brown – Producer

Tracey Fobes – Writer, Co-Producer

John Gulager – Director

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