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I See Dead People

If you've been haunted by a dead person or witnessed other strange incidents, your first question might be, am I hallucinating, or do ghosts really exist?

Family Tree Chart

Family trees are funny things. They’re a Pandora’s Box of information about your ancestors.  Once you’ve opened the box, you learn all sorts of new facts. You may end up wishing you'd never learned some of them, though, because a…

Bad Memories In Dead Friends Forever Movie

Bad Memories

While those bad memories may continue to haunt us, they are in the past. They can’t hurt us...unless we let them.
Toxic Friend

Toxic Friends

The good news is, you didn't do something to make her reject, bully, and/or try to control you. Rather, something inside of her is making her toxic, like an infection that has been festering and is finally coming to the surface.
Dead Friends Forever Movie Poster By Jade Young

The Mirror Cracked

Check out our movie poster artwork from Jade Young. Visually explosive and slyly humorous, her work will have you cracking a smile.
Girls Or Skull Optical Illusion

Toxic Friendship Optical Illusion

The ability to convey a complicated theme with a simple piece of artwork is not something you can learn. You're either born with this talent, or not. Those who are born with it are truly special. They are gifted. Unfortunately,…

Earthbound Spirit


Truly evil earthbound spirits may remain behind to continue to create and feed upon suffering. They destroy the beautiful things we love most in life. Our best friends become Dead Friends Forever.

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