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Coverage for Dead Friends Forever

Dead Friends Forever is a fascinating and intense ghost story that haunts on multiple levels. What makes this script so effectively disturbing is that it establishes a grounded sense of unease even removed from the supernatural. Clearly there was something untoward that happened here years ago that has not been forgotten, and there is intrigue and danger in finding out just what parts, Lily, Amelia, Nate, and Aunt Clara may or may not have played. It’s a complex plot full of surprises, not the least of which is the moral ambiguity of all of the characters. Lily and Nate’s relationship as adults is fascinating, with scintillating chemistry and a loaded backstory. The scene where Lily seduces Nate is tantalizing, because both of them have the air of dangerous mystery. There are no true innocents in this story, and the journey it takes you on has a sharp edge that cuts deep, and can’t be forgotten.

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