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In most cases, people are aware that death has come for them. Old folk who have lived a good life and have prepared themselves for dying go gracefully into the afterlife, and are often thankful for this next phase of their existence.

She Doesn’t Know She’s Dead

Others may embrace death as an escape from a physical reality that in some way tortures them. They also go into the afterlife with joy and even relief. They accept death and “pass on,” never looking back at the people they’ve left behind, some of them loved, and some of them hated. The living no longer matters to them. 

Not everyone has a peaceful passing. Sometimes, people die quickly, like those who become a fatality in a car accident or other catastrophe. Or their minds may die suddenly, from flash illnesses that takes their awareness before have a chance to recognize that they’re dying.

In these cases, the dead may not recognize the fact that they’re dead. They’ve turned away from the redeeming light that the afterlife offers, because they don’t realize that they need it, and certainly don’t want it. They become earthbound spirits.

She Has a Task to Complete

Some people know they are dying and resist it for some reason. They have a message to deliver, a secret to tell, or a job to finish before they can find joy in the afterlife. They can’t embrace the peace that death brings until they complete whatever task they’ve set themselves.

And so, they refuse to leave. They remain behind and try repeatedly, to the limits of their ability, to fulfill whatever goal they’ve set themselves. They also become earthbound spirits.

She was Wronged

Others might have been wronged in some way and can’t transition into the light until they’ve taken an eye for an eye. People who experience torture that leads to death, or are victims of violent crimes such as murder, may remain behind because they’re filled with a righteous and understandable need to correct whatever wrong that was done to them.

Individuals who have committed suicide may, in death, perceive it as a wrong they’ve done to themselves, and deeply regret it. The righteous fire that comes from a sense of being wronged may fuel enough rage to sustain a spirit, and enable her to defy the nearly irresistible pull of the afterlife.

She was Addicted

At some point in our lives, many of us become addicted to something. We might become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Maybe we become hooked on sex and the pleasures of the flesh. Some people become addicted to ideas, like that of a looming apocalypse, a religion, or a political ideology.

Many things can become a habit so overwhelming, and such a part of who we are, that we are unable to stop, and unable to let go—even in death. These spirits refuse the afterlife and remain earthbound so they can continue to simulate the feeding of their addiction.

She was Evil

But by far, the worst of the earthbound spirits are those who so enjoyed inflicting pain and suffering on the living–receiving energy and happiness from watching others suffer—that they seek to continue to do so in death. These are the demons who haunt the existence of the unfortunate on Earth.

Why Won’t She Leave?

Many of the ghostly sightings and haunted places in our world are the work of these earthbound spirits. They linger because they don’t realize they are dead, have a task to do that keeps them from resting, or are addicted to some aspect of living.

Truly evil earthbound spirits may remain behind to continue to create and feed upon suffering. They destroy the beautiful things we love most in life. Our best friends become Dead Friends Forever.

Occasionally, a living person may attract an earthbound spirit simply because they were beloved by the spirit, or in some way play a role in whatever that spirit needs to accomplish before she can pass on.

More evil earthbound spirits may choose to attach themselves to living souls that in some way satisfy their twisted needs.

If you’re wondering why the dead won’t leave, or why an earthbound spirit has attached itself to you, you share a connection with that spirit. The connection is often complex, and it can be very difficult to break.

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