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Family Tree Chart

Family Tree Chart

Family trees are funny things. They’re a Pandora’s Box of information about your ancestors.  Once you’ve opened the box, you learn all sorts of new facts. You may end up wishing you’d never learned some of them, though, because a family tree contains the ingredients for the recipe used to create you.

St. Jeannot Family Tree
St. Jeannot Family Tree

If you’re researching your ancestors for a family tree chart, you may not realize you’re opening Pandora’s Box until you’ve discovered that your ancestors had tendencies toward harmful behaviors. For example, you might learn that grandma was a cheat or great-grandpa buried bodies in the basement.  Inevitably, this kind of information makes you wonder: Do I have grandma’s capacity for cheating inside of me, too?  Am I going to develop a desire to kill in the years to come?

Unfortunately, no-one can unlearn this kind of knowledge. 

Hopefully, you’re going into the effort of finding ancestors with your eyes wide open. You feel that knowledge is worth the potential price to be paid. You need to know if your ancestors were good, evil, or–as most of them are–somewhere in the middle.  Also, you may want to discover if you have any generational curses or inherited sins to worry about.  

Identifying Generational Curses

A family generation is, according to the dictionary, a single step in the line of descent from an ancestor.  For example, you are in one generation, and your parents are in the previous generation. Since a curse is a wish of harm to someone, a “generational curse” is a wish of harm to everyone in one or more generations of a family.

For example, if great-grandpa murdered someone, the victim’s family may have cursed him and all of his descendants (including you) to suffer for it. In that case, you’d have a generational curse against you. Thanks, great-grandpa.

A few famous families that may be cursed include the Kennedy family, whose members have suffered an unusual number of untimely deaths, and the Hemingway family, in which several members have committed suicide.

In order to avoid becoming an innocent victim of a generational curse, you first need to find it in your family tree chart. You can identify a curse at work by looking for incidences of unusual, inexplicable or untimely deaths in your family’s past. 

Once you’ve identified a generational curse’s existence, you can begin the process of breaking it for good. Finding the reason behind it, of course, is usually much harder. People often don’t willingly reveal the crimes they’ve committed…especially if they haven’t been caught.

Identifying Inherited Sins

An inheritance, according to the dictionary, is something passed from one person to another.  A sin is a harmful behavior toward yourself or others. And so, an inherited sin is a tendency toward a harmful behavior that your ancestors passed down to you.

Both science and religion offer answers as to why you might inherit a sin, or harmful behaviors. Christians, for example, believe that you inherit “original” sin the moment you’re born. Science suggests that a tendency toward harmful behaviors is passed down genetically from our ancestors.

Whatever the case, it’s important to discover if you have a tendency toward harmful behaviors, so you can avoid sliding into those same behaviors yourself. In other words, if your great-aunt gambled away the family fortune, and your uncle drank himself to death, you might want to steer clear of casinos, off-track betting and any kind of booze whatsoever.

Snake with an apple

Talk to your oldest relatives, go through attics, and find old documentation to discover stories about the people in your family tree. Use these stories to determine if you have a higher tendency toward certain kinds of harmful behaviors.

Overall, creating a family tree chart may be like opening Pandora’s box. Still, it is also a path to knowledge, and ultimately power over your own life.

So gather your courage, make your family tree chart, eat the fruit, and kiss the snake goodnight.

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