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I See Dead People

I See Dead People

A collection of correspondence from the Etontown Historical Society. Is Amelie St. Jeannot mentally ill, or is she being haunted?

I See Dead People

You think you’ve seen a ghost. Or maybe you’ve experienced phenomena such as a cold spot, or heard footsteps when no one is around..

If you’ve been haunted by a dead person or witnessed other strange incidents, your first question might be, am I hallucinating, or do ghosts really exist?

It’s Not a Haunting, It’s a Mental Illness

It is true that some types of mental illness, such as psychosis, can cause you to see, hear, or feel hallucinations that seem supernatural or ghost-related. However, according to mental health professionals, these disorders typically also present with many other symptoms, such as paranoia and narcissism. Illnesses like schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder have a chance of being passed down from parent to child.

Take an online screening test such as this one, for psychosis. You could also check for a history of mental illness in your family. Connect with a mental health professional if your ghost seems to be related to a mental illness.

It’s Not a Haunting, And It’s Not Mental Illness…But it Isn’t a Ghost Either

There are a few other quirks of the brain and body that can make you think you’re seeing ghosts, even when you don’t have a mental illness.

1. If for some reason your brain is being starved of oxygen, through something like carbon monoxide poisoning or sleep apnea, you’re likely to experience sensory distortions and hallucinations.

2.Insomnia may also trigger what appears to be supernatural phenomena. A tired brain that sits continually on the edge of sleep tends to be in an altered state of consciousness. Rational thought gives way to dreamlike visions and beliefs. It’s the perfect environment for a ghost to appear.

3.When you’re on the edge of sleep and wakefulness, and in a hypnogogic state, your brain is primed for lucid dreaming, hallucinations, and sleep paralysis. Anything weird that you see in this state of consciousness appears very real and completely inexplicable. A ghostly haunting may seem the only reasonable explanation to what you experienced.

It’s a Ghost

If you’re seeing dead people and have ruled out both mental illness and other physical causes, you may have encountered a real ghost.

Scientists, in general, discount the existence of ghosts and the supernatural, because no one has ever presented hard, repeatable evidence of their existence.

On the other side, there are plenty of people who are firm believers in ghosts, regardless of the lack of evidence. Just as religious devotees take certain practices and beliefs “on faith,” believers in the supernatural rely on personal testimony and other soft evidence to support the existence of the spirit world.

According to parapsychologists, mediums and others, there are several reasons that ghosts appear to haunt the living. Here are the two most popular:

1.People who have died refuse to “pass on” if they have serious unfinished business on earth. They remain behind in the netherworld of not living, yet not dead, to haunt those who enable them to finish whatever they have left behind.

2.All living beings emit energy in the form of an electromagnetic field. This energy may remain behind after death. A strong electromagnetic field may manifest as a residual imprint haunting. This kind of haunting enables you to see into the past or experience it.

Witnessing a ghost, or experiencing other paranormal phenomena, is an unsettling experience, regardless of the reason for it. If this happens to you, your best bet is to evaluate which explanation given above is the most likely. Then, take the necessary steps to end the haunting…if you can.

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