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Toxic Friendship Optical Illusion

Toxic Friendship Optical Illusion

The ability to convey a complicated theme with a simple piece of artwork is not something you can learn. You’re either born with this talent, or not. Those who are born with it are truly special. They are gifted. Unfortunately, this gift may come with a certain price: a mental instability that can make life a horror as much as it is beautiful.

Is that not the price of true artistry, though? Nothing good comes for free. We all must pay, in some way, for the beauty we are allowed to catch a glimpse of.

The optical illusion depicted below was provided by a fan who is truly skilled. He knew of the story behind Lily’s and Amelia’s friendship and wanted to capture the feeling that the friendship evoked in both of them.

What do you see? Your memories have a large impact on the way you interpret images. Your brain uses memories to resolve images like this into something you identify with or understand.

girls or skull optical illusion
Best friends or dead friends?

So often, friendships seem like they are deep and everlasting on the surface…until you discover that your friend is a frenemy…and your BFF is a dead friend forever.

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